HSE Management

Sinochem International has established a sound HSE management system, improved the audit thereof, and continued to promote systematic, perfect and characteristic full HSE management by taking risk management as the core and Five-Star Plants creation as the means.

Sinochem International has prepared Management Measures for Construction of HSE System and Document Control and Emergency Plan for HSE Accidents in accordance with production safety standards (ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and other management systems) and established a 24-element HSE management system with its own characteristics to provide institutional guarantee for systematic HSE management.

Strengthening HSE Management Initiatives

In 2020, Sinochem International continued to implement the Five Star Plant mechanism to ensure that the 24-element HSE system is closely in line with production and operations. We strengthen inter-company HSE communication and mutual assistance as well. In addition, the Five Star creation model was also transplanted to scientific research institutions, and the company creatively proposed the Five Star Research Institute creation plan and standards. In 2020, Sinochem International Science and Technology Center was awarded the title of Five Star Research Institute.