Talent Pipelines

Sinochem International focuses on cultivating innovative talents, creating an innovation environment and cultural atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure. It builds an incentive system for scientific and technological innovation covering the whole life cycle, fully enhances the subjective initiative of R&D personnel, attracts more outstanding talents to join scientific research teams, and improves scientific and technological innovation.

Talent Pipelines
Talent Pipelines
Innovation Incentives

Sinochem International established full Lifecycle Technology Incentive System, clarified the project establishment and assessment requirements, built a project team based on the IPD concept, allocated bonuses, sorted out incentive policies, and refined incentive standards.

KPIs in 2022:
● R&D personnel recruited in the field of new martials: 209, Core talents recruited: 48
● Training sessions for scientific and technological personnel: 37
● Technical personnel training coverage: 100%