Epoxy Resin

Sinochem International is a leading manufacturer of epoxy resin, and strives to create an epoxy resin production and supply chain of superlatives: the largest, most comprehensive, and overall most competitive worldwide, upholding the highest standards of cleanliness in manufacturing.

At Sinochem Yizheng Advanced Materials Industrial Park, we boast an annual production capacity of 170,000 tons of epoxy resin. We produce more than 30 types of epoxy resin in five series: liquid, solid/solvent, waterborne, brominated and special epoxy resins, with a wide range of applications in electronics, coatings, materials, and adhesives among many others.

To further solidify its industry leading position, Sinochem International set up a new 180,000 tons/year epoxy resin production line in Sinochem Lianyungang Circular Economy Industrial Park. In June 2022, the project was officially put into operation and qualified products were produced. Our epoxy resin production capacity reached 350,000 tons, ranking first in China.