Privacy Statement

The Statement applies to

1. We protect user privacy. The confidentiality of users' personal information is ensured and, without the consent of the user, it will not be revealed to others, except as otherwise required by law. Only in the event of disclosure to government authorities in accordance with the relevant laws will we reveal user information and bear no liabilities.

2. Users voluntarily register personal information. When a user registers, personal information, including the user's name, gender, age, date of birth, identification, telephone number, mailing address and e-mail address, is required. The website has no obligation to review the authenticity of the aforementioned information. The aforementioned information is used to provide more secure, thoughtful and personalized service to customers. All voluntarily provided information areas presented to users during the registration process can be declined by users at any time. Registered users agree that the website can use their personal information in good faith.

3. The website currently uses the industry's high-reliability server software to support secure encryption protocols. We will use the software and other ways to maximum the possibility that the information provided by the users is not be illegally accessed.

4. Jointly guarantee the safety of user names and passwords. Once registered, users will receive user names and passwords of their own. Users must keep their user names and passwords safe and share them with no one; otherwise the resulting risks and losses will be borne by the users themselves. Users are fully responsible for all activities and events conducted under their user names. The users can change their password at any time. If users spot any unauthorized use of their user names, they should notify the website immediately.

5. Services provided by this website automatically collect information about visitors, including the number of visitors, access times, accessed pages and visitor addresses, and the website will use this information to analyze our server and to manage the website. This website uses cookie features to avoid users seeing the same content repeatedly and load the latest information for them. The website stores and accesses the user login information, but will not use the cookies to track any personal information. Even with the cookie features, we will not obtain any of your personal information without you giving us the authority to do so.

6. This website contains links to other websites, and as such, we are not responsible for their content and privacy policies.

7. At any time, if you believe we have breached the aforementioned principles, please contact us at to inform us. We will make every effort to address them immediately in a reasonable manner.